Financial Aid


Open Doors Financial Assistance Program | Financial Assistance Application Form

Camp Hazen YMCA is quite possibly one of the most important places in your child’s life.  We recognize how vital camp is to the social, physical and emotional development of children.  We also realize that sending your child to camp can place a heavy strain on your families’ finances.  So, we have set out and created a program called ‘Open Doors’ which eliminates the cost of camp being a factor in your decision to send your child here.

And what’s more, the ‘Open Doors’ program allows families and individuals to attend all of our programs throughout the year.  We invite our families to feel comfortable and welcome to send in their application for financial assistance.

Our philosophy is simple – everyone deserves to be at camp.  Come join us.

Tiered Pricing - making camp possible

Camp Hazen YMCA has instituted a voluntary tiered pricing program that allows families the flexibility of choosing a price that fits best with their budget.  Tier 1 is based on the full cost of camp and we ask families who are able to pay this amount to please do so.  Tiers 2 and 3 are subsidized rates that enable families to also send their children to camp.

Tier 4 is our Open Doors Financial Assistance Program. This is an option for families whose need for financial assistance is greater than tiers 2 & 3. The Open Doors program is designed to offer support to families from a wide range of individual situations.  All Camp Hazen YMCA program participants receive the same benefits, regardless of which tier they choose.

To apply for the 'Open Doors' program, simply complete an application form and send it in with your camp registration form. Our camp registrar will process your application just as soon as it is received.

Giving your child the opportunity to come to camp is such an important decision for you to make.  Our goal is to help you give your children the same experiences as every other family.