Food & Dining


Great Food Guarantees Happy Campers!

We eat Healthy at Hazen.  Campers appreciate the healthy options and they tell us that the food is terrific. We serve family style on round tables so that every camper in the cabin group is included in the conversation with each other and the counselors. Campers are expected to try everything but are entitled to a “No, Thank You” helping at which time counselors encourage a trip to the salad bar or another option like pasta for dinner.

Meal times are great fun. There are songs, skits and the silliness that makes camp special. Campers share waiter responsibilities and are eager for their turn to pick up the food and clear their tables. Dining at Hazen is a memorable experience and one of the great traditions of coming to camp.

Catering to vegetarians and kids with food allergies and other dietary requirements is important to us, and we will work with each family. Email Chef Keith to discuss your child’s diet.